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Profound Creative Projects

Harvest Cry, through the leadership of Ronald D. Pate, Chickasaw, has created one of the deepest Christian creative projects currently in the works. The "Revelation Project" can and will have a world-wide impact on the cultural landscape of Theatres around the world. By reintroducing the world to the newest Greek Play rediscovered in the last 500 years, the entire nation of Greece will hear and see the play performed for the first time in their theatres since 97AD! We find this eciting and remarkable and invite you to participate.

Culturally Relevant Ministry

As American Indians, we know the value and importance of culture. For 500 years, Christianity was presented to us through the behavior and shortcomings of conquering Europeans. It is only now that we can, without shame and fear, and with no animosity from our past, be able to reach out across cultural barriers to share the love of God. It is our hope that our message of reconciliation and forgiveness can be heard throughout the nations. We are grateful as a people, for those who carried the message of God to us throughout the many ages.