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Theatrical Producer, Cultural Liason, Christian Advisor, Television Producer, Film Producer

The Theatrical version of The Revelation has a desired release with the National Theatre of Greece. The revelation of Jesus Christ is a compelling story of one man's journey to martyrdom as he pens the most widely read and misunderstood piece of literature in human history.

Harvest Cry (Our non-profit arm), in conjunction with Red Warrior Entertainment, has under development the premier property “Revelation.” Adapted for the screen by Ronald D. Pate, Chickasaw, from St. John’s Apocalypse, this piece of literature is the only Greek play unperformed in Greece in 2000 years. This play is also the most widely read book of Greek literature in the world. The book of Revelation was discovered to be a Greek play by Ron’s mentor, Dr. Blevins in the 1960’s. After Dr. Blevins 35 years of Greek scholarship, he turned the “legacy” of producing the play over to Ron Pate in 1989.

In 2000, Mr. Pate (In Conjunction with his church at the time) produced the play ($1.2M production in cash and in-kind contributions) to a 2 week California test audience with an attendance of 10,000. Knowing it was a hit, Mr. Pate began his work on the screenplay.

Ronald D. Pate's company Red Warrior Entertainment has invested $100K in this project in Greece thus far and has secured agreements with the Hellas Film Commission and the Filmiki Studio of Greece for the Film production. RWE has also negotiated Television filming access with the Patmos Monastery and has access to film their Revelation related antiquities for its two television specials.

Revelation’s theatrical release in Greece is currently under review by the National Theatre of Greece for an international production in Athens with the desired theatre being on the Acropolis.

For two thousand years, controversy has surrounded St. John’s Apocalypse as interpretations differed widely among researchers. Scholars have debated the meaning of the book and have “interpretations” of the symbols. And until now, there was no consistent way for people to encounter the book except through religious teaching. Harvest Cry and Red Warrior Entertainment have now developed Revelation and has restored it unto its true form . . . A Greek Play!

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