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North America

Project Date:


Project Role:

Event Producer, Worship Coordinator, Mentor, Facilitator, Recording Producer

Our desire is to create a 10,000 person worship gathering for 5 consecutive evenings with 20 anointed young worship teams leading to a recorded CD for distribution.

What are the Projects Goals?
• To Lift up the Lord Through 5 Days of New Worship in 10,000 Person Setting • To Invite, Discover, Develop and Record 20 Emerging Worship Teams • To Record Master CD Recordings for Each Team’s One Hour of New Worship • To Produce a Worship Series to Fuel International Worship Leadership Development

What Does This Event Hope to Accomplish?
• Worship God with emerging worship leaders throughout the nation • Catalyze and serve emerging worship leaders • Draw attention to the harvest by aiding the church at worship • Record and produce the worship series for world event • Call out laborers into worship leadership at the national level

How Will This Event Benefit Our Patrons?
• Resources Applied Directly to Young Leadership (Good Use of Resources) • Relationally Driven Vision for Worship (Patrons Attend and Mentor) • Ministry Resources Produce Independent Music Leaders (Benefits More Cities) • Mentoring Relationships with Emerging Leaders (Growth Catalyst Benefit)

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