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India Project - MAHA


South India

Completion Date:

Ongoing 2001 - 2013

Project Role:

Pastoral Conferences, Conferences, Leadership Training, Evangelism, Tsunami Aid, Medical Aid

The task of serving South India is a great one. Its people, the Tamil people, are one of the great unconqurerable peoples in the world. Their ingenuity and zest for life make them an excellent people to serve and a joy to work with.

Our service in India began in 2001 with a meeting with Bishop Atma Ram. Out of our relationship, a season of equipping and training came forth which resulted in over 15k leaders being trained in church organization and leadership methodologies. We did pastor's conferences, leadership conferences, and ministered throughout the whole of South India. It was a deep time.

Finally in 2004 we were ministering in the city of Kanchipuram during the Christmas season. The Pastors of the South India coastal rgion were with us in our gathering when the Tsunami hit their villages and towns. It was a sad day for us all and some of our friends were lost forever. However, it was the Tamil grit and determination to survive which impressed us most.

We have reduced our presence in India due to the related anti-conversion laws passed against us and our work. Gov. Jalalitha dreamed of a Hindu state covering South India in spite of the constitution of India disagreeing with her. We have quietly supported mininstries financially during this time and will return there when the time is right.

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