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Sr. Pastor, Church Planter, Missionary, Organizer, Fundraiser

The Ecclesia is a new church start in the North Dallas Suburb of Frisco, TX. As America's fastest growing city for several years running, Frisco is a fabulous place for reaching international people. Frisco is expected to add an additional 160,000 people in the next 5-7 years, so we are busy locally!

The Ecclesia is an unusual church planting effort in Texas as it is led by an American Indian Pastor. Texas tried to remove all the Indians from its borders it was unsuccessful. So, an Indian-led church is a bit of a novelty. However, being culturally sensitive makes a Native Pastor Ideally suited for the rigors of church in an international age.

Rev. Pate has led churches of 80, 141, 250, 500, and 2500 and has many years pastoral and ledership experience. He has led in gatherings of 1K, 10K, 100K, 500K, and 1M+ making him a dynamic leader with an actual track record and proven management results.

The Ecclesia is excited aboput reaching into the nations of the world and serving them through humanitarian and Christian projects. Missionaries to the UK, Germany, Romania, Guatemala, and Easter Island have already been sent out and more will follow. You can contact us at info@theecclesia.org if you would like more information. The Ecclesia is sponsored by the NAMB of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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