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Serving the First Nations Peoples



Project Date:

2011 - Ongoing

Project Role:

Facilitator. Promoter, Filmmaker, Missionary, Buisness

Serving the First Nations peoples of North America is a rewarding and challenging task. We have set our energies toward preserving culture and recording elders. It is an unfortunate thing to lose and elders' stories because you lose 3 generations of stories when they pass.

Harvest Cry is committed to serving the First Nations and solicits donations to perform sveral tasks. HCI spends time with Native leaders and peoples determining the best way to encourage their growth and self-determination. We have served Piute, Shoshone, Wintun, Shastan, Mohawk, Carrier Sakani, Blackfeet, Souix, Crow, Cherokee, Comanche, Chickasaw, Ute, and Navaho nations.

In the above video, Harvest Cry is sopporting a Comanche Pow-Wow in Quanah, TX. This Pow-Wow was held by the Quanah Parker Family (Quanah was the last appointed chief of the Comanche people) and was to help them return to an annual event. We were there to meet and film elders while pursuing a film project on the life of Quanah Parker.

Harvest Cry's desire is to bring life and culture to Natives wherever they are found throughout the world. Recently HC reached out to the Island Nation of Rapa Nui (Easter Island). Rapa Nui is one of the most isolated spots on earth and supporting the native community there was a disctinct pleasure.

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