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Property Owner, Developer, Prayer Leader, Retreat Center Leader

The nation of Israel is one of the nations we serve regularly. They emerged from a difficult neghborhood in which their ancestral home is located. Their very existence was an affront to their neighbors and many wished them to be annihilated and simply go away. We understand this animosity as many have desired us as Indians to simply dissappear and slip into history.

Harvest Cry and its founder Rev. Ronald D. Pate supports the nation of Israel and its right to exist in our world. Its ancient homeland was finally returned to them after almost 2000 years and its tie to the land has shown to be very strong. We understand this as well. As Indians our homeland and tribal territory was always considered as under our sovereignity and give us by the Creator. Israel is this way as its land (The Land of Caanaan) was given to it by the Creator too.

Although the politics of Israel are not our concern, we serve Israel without asking anything from her in return. Many peoples have asked the Jewish people to stop being Jewish, just as many asked us to stop being indian. This we cannot do and do not expect Israel to become like us. Our desire is to serve there with the intention of serving the many thousands of internationals who come to israel every year.

Our goal is to create a retreat/prayer center in Israel able to accomodate high net worth individuals as they seek to bless and pray in Israel. With a high degree of security (our security firm is one of the top 10 in the world) we will accomodate guests and travelers from as many nations are we serve. And we thank our creator for the priveledge of serving in Israel.

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